Outdoor attractions

The outdoor wall panels present buildings. The aim of them that guests can get to know about the history of buildings, their environment and importance.

In the middle of the puszta there is a two-row corn crib with 26 fathom, which was built in 1846 and designed by József Rigler. On the lower floor there were intercolumniations with 50 meters, which provided the parkplace for wagons. The wall panels at the corn crib declare for corns and their preparation. By other wall panels visitors can get insight into importance of smoker and wood fired oven.

Some interactive and exciting programs are also available for kids, look at our family-friendly programs.

Family-friendly programs

A “rostalika” themed playground was built in the yard, which includes also the barefoot path (called Kneipp path) and touching station (a board with materials that visitors can touch). With this exhibition guests can learn about the materials, activities and products, which appeared during the manor life.

The Kneipp path shows this feelings through the reflex zone of sole with the help of materials recessed into the ground.

In the ground of path there are also solid and soft materials. The touching stations provide good experience for disabled people too. This path was built not only for persons, who can’t feel with their feet, but also for blind: names of each station are written by latin alphabets and besides the hungarian inscription there are tables with braille.


  • Themed playground
  • Kneipp path
  • Teagarden
  • Nursing room

Majorság, mint rendezvényhelyszín

Traditional events are very popular in the village and its neighborhood for all ages, during that time several outdoor programs are available. The area in Szántódpuszta and some building here provide suitable place for events that go to folk traditions and country life. In the future various of programs will take place according to predetermined and annual themes, from which we will inform you on our website.


  • Horse riding court, podiums, grandstands
  • Barn, workshop of blacksmith and wheelwright